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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade...

and that's just what John & Francesca Vrattos did.

Shortly after they were both laid off from their jobs in

2009 this husband and wife team received a Kitchen

Aid mixer from their daughter as a Christmas gift.  

They decided to get a sausage attachment for the

mixer and came up with their own recipe for Loukaniko, 

a Greek country sausage.  The Loukaniko became so popular

with their family and friends, it inspired them to create

more flavors.  And thus. . .Yanni's Sausages was launched.  


Yanni's has been awarded Best of Charcuterie from

the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for 2010, 2011

and 2012.  Their sausages have garnered an

impressive number of medals including a Double Gold,

the highest honor bestowed upon a product in

the culinary arena.


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